James Danforth “Dan” Quayle


James Danforth Dan Quayle was the 44th Vice President of the United States . He was serving under George H.W .Bush . Bush is also 41 vice president of the United States.James served as a US Representative and also US Senator from the state of Indiana.


He was born on February 4th, 1947. He was born in Indianpolis ,Indiana, to Martha Corinne Pulliam and James Cline Quayle. His father was an American newspaper publisher and businessman.His grandfather was a wealthy and influential publishing who founded Central Newspapers . Quayle moved his family to Arizona in 1955 to run a branch of the family’s publishing empire. Quayle family was very wealthy his total net worth by the time of his election in 1988 was less than a  million dollars.


After spending much of his youth in Arizona he is graduated from Huntington High School . Then he matriculated at De Pauw University where he received his B.A.degree in political science in the year 1969. After receiving his degree he joined in the Indiana Army National Guard and served from the year 1969 to 1975. While serving in the army he earned a juris Doctor degree in the year 1974 at Indiana University School of Law Indianpolis.At law school he met a girl Marilyn who was taking night classes at the time. Later he married her .


In July 1971 he became an investigator for the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General. Later that year he became an administrative assistant to Governor .In the year 1973 to 1974 he was the Director of the tax Division. In the year 1980 at the age 33 Quayle became the youngest person ever elected to the Senate from the state of Indiana.

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